Join us in wishing the Red Bull X-Alps Athletes Good Luck!

Yesterday, at 11:30am on July 17, thirty athletes started the Red Bull X-Alps adventure race from Salzburg to Monaco. The non-stop race across the Alps spans 864-kilometres that athletes race through on foot or with paragliders. As a sponsor of the race, each athlete is outfitted with a Leica V-Lux 30 to document the challenge with photos and videos to bring followers as close to the action as possible. The V-Lux 30’s GPS data will also be capturing exactly where the photos were taken along the course that crosses eight Alpine peaks and passes through five countries. This marks the fifth in the Red Bull X-Alps series and has the reputation of being one of the toughest in the world – last year, only two of the 30 competitors actually managed to cross the finishing line.

The race is expected to take between ten and fifteen days, depending on weather conditions. We’ll also be checking in and following the race here on the Leica Camera blog, Facebook page and Twitter account.

To see full coverage from Red Bull, follow the race by visiting:

Red Bull X-Alps site’s Live Tracking and news reports reveal every athlete’s position and route in real time.

We hope you enjoy following the race with us and join us in wishing all of the athletes good luck!

-Leica Internet Team