Damien Basile, an Art Director turned Digital and Social Strategist, is the Media & Marketing Director of Perks Consulting.  In November 2009 he founded a monthly digital influencer panel and mixer event series called Digital Somethings and in February 2010 he founded Addieu, a mobile app that helps you exchange contact info & connect on social networks instantly when you meet someone. He is also currently blogging at Coolne.ws, which he started in order to talk about cool and interesting things, from events and things to buy to tech and toys. We armed Damien with a Leica D-Lux 5 camera and asked him to document his favorite spots in New York City as part of our #place2be series.

One Jackson Square by Damien Basile

One Jackson Square

One Jackson Square is a residential building that I watched go up in the time that I’ve lived in my neighborhood in the last 2 years. It’s also made my life more convenient by bringing TD Bank and Starbucks underneath it. The most amazing thing about this building is the way the sun reflects in random shafts of light onto the street in the middle of the day. If you walk underneath one it feels like an instant heat burst. I see it everyday when I walk to the subway and it makes me that much more happier to see this beautiful building undulating in the sky.

FSC Barber by Damien Basile

FSC Barber

This is my barber shop, FSC Barber, which is at the end of my short block at Horatio & 4th. Freeman’s Sporting Club Barber’s original location is at Freeman Alley, hence the name. They are a first class gentleman’s barber shop in every sense of the word. It’s hard to choose just one barber, as they’re all unique in their own way and every single one of them is top notch. I know – I’ve tried many of them. Besides the beautiful vintage interior, the amazing thing about FSC is that they hold private parties for Esquire magazine among others. Also, if you come late on a Sunday, there’s a list for a haircut, so get there early.

Pastis by Damien Basile


Pastis is up the block from me, which is really amazing as this is such a great late night spot. Apparently there’s a secret menu from midnight to 1am which I have yet to try. This is the sister restaurant of one of my favorites, Balthazar. The interior is all old world Paris with all the charm and grace that comes along with it. The weekends can be a bit rough to get a table without a reservation during prime time, but none of that matters as a nightcap here is magical. The crowds are gone by then and even though there are still people around you feel like there’s no one else around but you and your company.

– Damien Basile