Reinhard Rüger is the trainer of the German National Sports Shooting Team and has taken part in the Olympic Games at many international venues. The head coach and passionate hunter recognised the value of the Leica Geovid right from the start and has now used this pair of binoculars for almost two decades.

Q: You decided to buy one of the first Leica Geovids. Why?

A: For professionals, the change in the point of impact in relation to the shooting distance is an absolutely decisive factor. When the Geovid came on the market, it was immediately obvious to me that a new era in precision shooting had begun.

Q: Why did you choose Leica?

A: As the coach of the world’s best sports shooting team, I can’t make any compromises. Everything has to be 100 percent, and the Geovid is perfect in this respect. To put it in plain words – Leica invented this technology and, 20 years ago, the Geovid was the only one there was. Only in the past few years have a couple of other companies tried to put something similar on the market. But Leica is the original, and always will be.

Q: You use your Geovid primarily for hunting. Do you find that you use it more in any particular situations?

A: It doesn’t matter whether I’m in Africa, the United States, Europe or Asia, I always take my Geovid. It’s a constant companion on every hunting trip abroad and on my home hunting grounds in Bavaria as well. You just can’t measure accurate distances out on the prairie, in the tundra, the steppes or on a mountain hunt without a precision tool like this. And shots that are too wide of target as a result of incorrectly estimated distances are absolutely unacceptable.

Q:  What do you appreciate most about the Geovid?

A: You can always rely on the Geovid in any situation. Wrong distance values are safely ruled out by the system. If a distance can be read off, it is precise. At the same time, it always works perfectly, whatever the weather or temperature. The Geovid is a milestone in the design and construction of special binoculars and a reliably functioning precision tool that has been improved over the years.

Thank you, Reinhard!

-Leica Internet Team