“The lens is the new 24mm lens, it’s extremely wide-angled for this type of format and resolution, and that’s really nice, very unusual.”

David Maurer is an advertising photographer who specializes in people, landscapes and automobiles. He sometimes works in extreme, cramped conditions that force him to be precise in order to get the contrasts and images just right. In the video, Mauer tests out The Leica S and Leica Super-Elmar-S 24 mm f/3.5 ASPH and concludes that the results are promising and allow him to achieve the desired results.

The Leica Super-Elmar-S 24 mm f/3.5 ASPH was introduced on September 17, 2012 at the “LEICA DAS WESENTLICHE” event the night before photokina 2012.

-Leica Internet Team

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