I just love to take photos. I can’t stop. Since 2011, I’ve carried my D-Lux 5 with me everywhere to capture moments. It’s like an everyday diary. These pictures were taken around Budapest, Hungary.
I photograph real things, characters, the people who surround me: friends, family, strangers, famous, unknown — whatever I see and inspires me. This is all about documenting my life — collecting memories and feelings, which makes me relive the moments in those pictures. Sometimes it really helps me to remember after a rough night.
And I am happy to share these moments with all of you!  This is how I live.

– Barnie
Barnie is a Hungarian photographer who uses direct and harsh lighting, abstract, sometimes surreal sets, contrasts and exaggerations in his photography to make his themes more and more intense. This may lead to the question, “Is it commercial, fashion or art?” To see more of Barnie’s work, check out his website and Facebook. Also check out his Tumblr.