Leica Camera recently announced its collaboration with Gagosian Gallery on the new, limited edition Leica X2 Gagosian Edition. The camera features all-metal construction and black paint splotches dot the camera’s high-grip white leather trim in an Expressionist style. Below, Andrea Urban, the Creative Director for the Gagosian Shop, explains the inspiration behind the camera and the relationship between Gagosian Gallery and Leica Camera.
Q: You just recently opened a Leica Boutique – can you tell us about that?
A: We opened the Leica Boutique as part of the Gagosian Shop this past fall. We host a selection of the top Leica products including the M Series, X Vario, X2, V-Lux 4, D-Lux 6, Leica C, plus a selection of sport optics and accessories.

Q: What inspired the Leica X2 Gagosian Edition camera?
A: We wanted to add an artistic flair to the look of the X2.
Q: How does this collaboration with Leica Camera fit within the tradition of the Gagosian Gallery?
A: Gagosian’s international exhibition and publishing programs parallel Leica’s own prestigious global legacy and values of artistic integrity. Leica has long been associated with quality photography, and this partnership with Gagosian solidifies Leica’s connection to the art world.
Q: How many are available?
A: The Leica X2 Gagosian Edition is limited to 100 units.
Q: What makes this camera special?
A: This limited edition camera is sold exclusively at the Gagosian Shop. It includes a unique design of black paint splatter that dots the camera’s high-grip white leather trim, and it comes with an ostrich leather case and strap that are both embossed with the Gagosian logo.

Q: Why did you choose to collaborate on the X2 out of all the Leica camera lines?
A: The X2 has a classic Leica look and design that is appealing not only for its quality but also for its style.
Q: In its description the camera’s design is described as Expressionist style. How does this fit with the Gagosian Gallery’s collection?
A: Though the design is not influenced by any one artist, Gagosian Gallery represents the most accomplished artists of the 20th and 21st centuries across all media. The Expressionist style captures the spirit, originality, and acclaim of both the gallery itself and the legacy of the artists the gallery is pleased to represent.
Q: Are there any upcoming photography exhibits or special events we can share with the Leica community?
A: William Eggleston: At Zenith will be at Gagosian Beverly Hills January 11 – February 20, 2014.
Roe Ethridge is included in the More American Photographs exhibition at California Museum of Photography through January 11.
Andreas Gursky is included in the Fútbol: The Beautiful Game exhibition at LACMA February 2 – July 20, 2014.

Q: What’s your role at the gallery and in this collaboration?
A: I am the Creative Director for the Gagosian Shop. I was the liaison between the gallery and Leica to oversee all design elements and implementation.
Q: Where can people go to purchase the camera?
A: The Leica X2 Gagosian Edition is available exclusively at the Gagosian Shop at 976 Madison Avenue, New York, NY as well as on our webshop. Customers can contact us at shop@gagosian.com.
Q: Is there anything else you’d like Leica readers to know about the camera or the Leica boutique at the Gagosian Gallery?
A: In addition to the Leica Boutique, Gagosian Shop offers an exclusive and extensive selection of artists’ books, scholarly monographs, catalogues and limited editions. Gagosian’s unparalleled publishing program, featuring books on artists exhibited at Gagosian’s worldwide galleries, is the central focus of the Shop. Limited edition artist-designed products range from homewares such as Urs Fischer’s Drywall wallpaper, produced exclusively for Gagosian Shop, to portfolios by Ed Ruscha and functional art objects, including surfboards by Richard Phillips. These items and more can be purchased in-store and on the Shop’s website.
Gagosian Shop also features collaborations with preeminent publishers, including the Paris-based Cahiers d’Art, known for distinguished artists’ revues, books, limited editions, prints and catalogues raisonnés. Gagosian Shop is proud to present the largest dedicated display of Cahiers d’Art publications in New York. Scholarly and beautiful editions are available, including “Calder by Matter: Collector’s Edition” and “Cahiers d’Art revue No. 1 Limited Edition” signed by Ellsworth Kelly, as well as a selection of rotating and rare publications. Gagosian Shop also features a display by KARMA, a bookstore, gallery, and publisher based in New York City and specializing in artists’ projects and publications. In addition to its own titles, KARMA also features rare and out-of-print books by noted artists and publishers.
Thank you for your time, Andrea! Images courtesy Gagosian Gallery. Photos by Rob McKeever.
– Leica Internet Team
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