Freya Bromley is a journalist and photographer who contributes to several millennial culture projects which involve investigating trending, social and cultural habits. Her work has appeared in The Huffington Post, MTV Sticky and Zero Magazine among others. Recently, she took to the streets of London to capture street style for her website Frey de Fleur.

Q: You recently attended a Leica Akademie Leica M Explorer workshop put on at Leica Store Mayfair. How did you find the workshop?
A: It was brilliant to have expert photography advice from Robin Sinha and learn about how rich in history Leica is as a brand. With cameras getting increasingly sophisticated it’s easy to become lazy, use auto settings and forget what photography is all about so I loved going back to basics and refining my skills. One thing I loved about using the Leica was that there is no zoom; if you want to get closer you have to get closer. It reminded me how immersive street photography really is and my photos were so much more involved as a result. I haven’t used autofocus since!

Q: You showcase your street style photography on Frey de Fleur. How did this come about, and is this an ongoing project you do around your writing and other projects?
A: For a while now, I’ve been involved with a government sponsored campaign called Make Things Do Stuff, which aims to mobilise the next generation of digital makers. Writing about influencing young people to be confident with their creativity made me realise I should follow my own advice and make something to take the step from being a freelance journalist to my own editor. I’ve always been a keen photographer and a dedicated follower of fashion so it made sense to start up my own website. Starting something up from scratch and watching it grow is such a satisfying feeling.

Q: What photography equipment would you normally use for your street style, and how did you find using the Leica M?
A: Before I started using the Leica M I had a Contax T2 compact film camera and a Canon EOS 550D. I like being able to capture moments simultaneously on film and digital cameras so that I never have to regret not getting the shot just how I wanted it.

Q: What advice would you give to photographers interested in capturing street style?
A: Don’t be afraid to go up to people and ask to take their picture. Although it can be daunting at first, most people are flattered when you approach them and are willing to have a chat about what they’re wearing and what it is you do. Also don’t be afraid to be your own model! It’s a great idea to style yourself in some of your favourite outfits and have your picture taken so you know how it feels to be on the other side of the lens. That way you can better direct people in future.

Q: Who is your creative inspiration, and why?
A: I love Fifi Lapin; she is so ingenious in keeping her work current and relevant to not only her audience but brands too. She’s a great example of someone who has made a profitable profession out of blogging. Her quirky sketches remind me of when I used to draw designs for dress patterns that always ended up wonkily stitched with fraying hemlines. There’s something very sentimental about her work.
Thank you for your time, Freya!
– Leica Internet Team
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