Daniel Zvereff is a freelance designer, illustrator and photographer. He travels to the far corners of the world documenting his journeys through images and journals. This is the third part of his Bandar Log series. Click here to read the rest of the series. 
As we near Jaipur, the driver we hired insists we climb to the top of a hill. I am already reminiscing about this journey, now that it is nearing its end. Slowly, as I make my way higher and higher, a Hindu Mandir reveals itself up ahead at what seems to be the top. Through a megaphone and some very large speakers celebratory music is blasting outwards. On the hills nearby I can see more temples that are doing the same. At the very top, a rush of wind greets me, and there, before me, the city of Jaipur is revealed. A roaring sound erupts as I reach the edge. The city’s buzzing horns, the music from the temples, beating drums, and every living creature it seems, is chiming in as if to coax the sun to break through the clouds. Finally, the sun does peak through the haze, as if on key to the beat of the drums. Then the light explodes across the land, filling Jaipur with color. It is here, at this moment, that I can finally look at India in a peaceful state of mind; I sit on the edge of a balcony, under one of the blaring ancient speakers that has a broken stand. Groups of smiling people dance, celebrating the week of Holi. Happy Holi.

-Daniel Zvereff
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