Today the German National Team will be facing the host nation, Brazil, for the first of the semi-final matches. After three football-free days, the team has set off for Belo Horizonte, where they will once more put their expertise and their luck to the test on the green pitch. However, the journey shouldn’t end there: the big goal is the final in Rio. Team manager Oliver Bierhoff is following the long road to Rio with his Leica X Vario.

The German players prepare meticulously for their encounter with the Brazilians.

Hard training and relaxation for tired muscles are equally important to the programme.

A land of many colours: if you don’t have a ball, a bicycle will do.

Brazil – a whole country suffering from football fever.

Last preparations for the excitedly anticipated semi-finals: evening training.

After the German team left, the beach at the Campo Bahia team headquarters was once again deserted.

The German team heads to Belo Horizonte for the semi-finals. Will they return to Rio for the final?
– Katrin Iwanczuk
Katrin Iwanczuk is the editor of LFI. Read the first four parts here.