Schedoni s.r.l. is an Italian, Modena-based and family-run company, whose history, skills and experience in working leather to create high-standard goods go back to 1880. After detailing his company’s spirit, evolution and main business, Simone Schedoni, chairman of the firm, discusses how the collaboration with Leica Camera originally came about to design the “Schedoni for Leica System Case” and the extreme care and passion with which each accessory is created.
Q: Mr. Schedoni, can you please introduce your company and draw its history?
A: The Schedoni family has been working leather since 1880. For about 80 years, the company had been producing shoes. In the early 1970s, my father (third generation) started to produce luggage, handbags and briefcases.

In 1977, we started the ongoing cooperation with Ferrari producing custom fitted luggage sets. In 1983, we started covering the Ferrari Formula One seats. Today we are focusing our main business in the production of luggage and other accessories for the most prestigious and exclusive automobile companies worldwide.
We love to combine traditional materials such as natural tanned leather to modern carbon fiber or titanium for some of the projects we do with the car companies we cooperate with.
Q: How did the collaboration with Leica originate around the Schedoni for Leica System Case?
A: Actually, like it happens many times, it all came out by a word-of-mouth. Leica has been cooperating with Audi design to create a special series of cameras and the first time Schedoni was mentioned happened during a meeting. Our name was suggested by famous automotive designer Dr. Walter de Silva to Dr. Andreas Kaufmann from Leica. Only last year did the cooperation begin, with the idea of developing a special product together. Not just a leather case for a camera, as there are quite a few on the market and some of them made in good quality, but a unique, limited edition camera case. Only 100 pieces were produced, each of them hand-numbered by my father, Mauro Schedoni.

The three other items – an iPad leather case, an iPhone 6 case and a credit card case – came as a complement of the camera case, using the same details of workmanship and care used in the production of the Leica System Case. We thought that these accessories would be appreciated by those who would not be able to purchase one of the 100 pieces of the limited edition Leica System Case.
Q: What professions and expertise were necessary for their creation?
A: With the Leica System Case and its accessories, we were able to highlight the care of details even when they are not immediately visible. For example, just underneath the two leather straps that are used to close the flap, there are hand-stitched details which are visible only when opening the case. Leica red paint has been used for some of the edges of the handle and leather straps. These features were produced by our great team of employees here at our manufacturing plant based in Modena. These products combine the experience accumulated by Schedoni in over 130 years of working leather.
Q: How do you and your company select the leather and materials used in your creations? Where do they come from?
A: The materials used for these special items were carefully selected. The outside material is a 3 mm thick Italian bull hide leather. For the inside we have been using a Nubuk leather to protect the items. I have personally checked and selected each hide used at the tannery in Tuscany. Metal accessories are in solid brass, drilled with a CNC machine and then palladium finished. The threads used are of the same type that were in use in my grandfather’s shoe production.
Q: What values do Schedoni share with Leica?
A: Like it happens with most of the Leica cameras (we have one within our family which my grandfather got in the 1950s), the idea behind the Leica System Case is to have an item that would be given from father to son, handing down not only the product itself but also the values in it.

Both companies have a long history and heritage. I think that the value both firms share is PASSION! We enjoy what we do and put all the passion and all the effort to create unique products.
Thank you for your time, Mr. Schedoni!
– Leica Internet Team
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