Not many artists can have the pleasure of being as broad and passionate in everything they do. Tilda Swinton, who might be considered by some as a chameleonic performer, surprises us yet again with her book Impossible Wardrobes. As interesting as she has always been, this experience is now seen through the unique pictures of her long-time friend and renowned photographer, Ruediger Glatz.

Please tell us about your professional experience, most recent projects, and involvement with Leica.

I have been taking photos since I was probably 7 years old, I am a photographer for 15 years, for 12 years I shoot with LEICA mostly M, but I also had some moments with R, S and recently the SL. Beside all that I’ve tested many systems, but in the end M remained my main system in company with HASSELBLAD V and ALPA.
My technique is self-taught and based on intensive practice. For some years I can use the title “professional” since I make my living with photography for clients, but I’ve kept my focus on my personal projects. For me, this title mostly means that I need more awareness to cultivate the flower of passion.

My interest is (the daily) life and the mystery around and in it. I always have a camera on me and structure my results in several projects to have a grid I work in. Most of my projects I consider to be conceptual portraits, but what matters in the end are images.

What is Impossible Wardrobes about, also in relation to Tilda’s involvement?

IMPOSSIBLE WARDROBES is a book project published by RIZZOLI on 3 extraordinary performances performed and conceived by Tilda Swinton and curator, artist and museum director Olivier Saillard that took place in Paris 2012 (Impossible Wardrobe), 2013 (Eternity Dress) and 2014 (Cloakroom).

Tilda Swinton is a very experienced actress, some would say ‘the full package’ when it comes to being an integral performer and artist. Describe your experience working with her.

We became friends years ago because her love, Sandro Kopp, is a friend of mine since our childhood. She is great person and great at what she does.

Please talk more about the fashion statement in this book, how does it relate to your photography and your experience photographing this project?

Fashion and its aesthetics are a world of their own. My photography in this case has a documentary aspect. My goal was to capture not just what I experienced with my eyes, but as well with my emotions and all the performances were very emotional.

How was your experience shooting with the Leica SL?

First I was really skeptical, when I heard about the announcement. But when I looked into the specs I became interested and keen to test it.

After some days of working with it I can say that I love this camera. I am still not sure about the design and the firmware definitely needs an upgrade, but once LEICA optimized this camera, it will be a amazing tool. It is simple to handle, it is very precise, can be fast and has the perfect size/weight for my hands.

The Noctilux 0.95 is known as the fastest aspherical lens. Recently, there was a limited edition of S.T. Dupont’s accessory line inspired in this unique lens, what’s your take on the equipment?

It is a big lens, it is a heavy lens, it is an expensive lens, the MFD of 1.0m is very often a big compromise….but the character and look of the images that it creates in combination with the speed is extraordinary.

…and the SL makes it a dream-team.

Was the book signing influenced by any sorts in the aftermath of the November 13th Paris attacks?

Not really. All the Parisian I talked to were of course affected, but the same time eager to move on. The movement in the streets was more calm than regular and the day we arrived you could see many french flags since it was exactly 2 weeks after the events and the french president called on the public to raise their flags.

Please tell us about your future projects.

At this moment I am working on more than 10 projects parallel and most recent presentation beside the IMPOSSIBLE WARDROBES book is my exhibition with my project CONFRONTATION – DARK THOUGHTS AND MOMENTS OF LIGHT at the GOLDEN HANDS GALLERY in Hamburg, which opened it´s doors on the 5th of December and will run until the 28th of January 2016.

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