They say practice makes perfect. And probably starting with film can lead a photographer to appreciate even the slightest piece of detail to make a perfect photo, or at least try endlessly. Moreover, film represents a tangible perception of photography where you can feel and manipulate the negatives to your own extent. For photographer Romain Cailleaud, his Leica M6 and M2 represent just that; the ability to evoke emotions both through the process of taking pictures and seeing them come to life. The eagerness to embrace the process of developing film has gotten this photographer to feel inspired by the skateboard pictures of Fred Mortagne and take great shots. Romain has been documenting the skateboarding scene since he was 15 years old equipped with a very classy Nikon FM2, and his 35 mm rolls.

A small yet succinct set of pictures depict another side of Paris, where Cailleaud says, “I’m always trying to take timeless pictures, I’m attracted by the loneliness of people, strong faces, I’m always looking for emotions in my photography.” Daily life in Paris can bring memories of yore, where nostalgic glimpses of boulangères or chefs would be seen strolling down the streets with a fresh baguette.

Shooting film is soothing for some photographers due to the tangible aspect of taking picture by picture with precise thought and objectivity. “I shoot only film because I like the process, the simplicity of a film camera, and there is nothing more beautiful than a real darkroom print,” Romain continues. Very fond of his Leica’s, he shares how he quickly changed the roll in his camera to obtain the movement of the man with the pigeons in the centre Pompidou in Paris.

As for Romain, he will continue to grow his passion and dedication for well-thought pictures, gathering endless rolls of film and developing in the dreamy and nostalgic darkroom.

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