Of Korean origin, Chulsu Kim was born in 1981 in Yamaguchi (Japan). After studying at Tokyo Fashion College, he settled in the Japanese capital. Kim started in photography back in 2010 when he purchased an iPhone. Now, after several years of documenting the streets of Tokyo, he can now say he works as a street photographer in Tokyo and is currently the co-founder of Instagram group @wearethestreet. The images shown here were not taken with a Leica, but wanted to share them with the community given their strong aesthetic in street photography.

I has three tenets for extraordinary street photography: “Go with your instincts. Take lots of photos. Just keep walking.” I have a knack for capturing candid expressions throughout the streets, parks and metro stations of Tokyo. No matter who the subject is, there is always a moment when they become a great actor. I feel a tremendous buzz when I come across such moments. After a day of collecting hundreds of photos, I feel exhilarated and connected to the city’s pulse: Directly experiencing the ever-changing urban environment and the way people live — it’s really stimulating.

The subway or train are a lifeline that are essential to people’s lives. Everyone, starting early in the morning until late at night is using the mass transportation system for any and all purposes. The people I observe in the train tend to have unique postures, simply because they are either at a relaxed or anxious stage, very focused on what their day will be like, or how it ended. People stare into the distance while thinking, tire people sleep. There’s also the talkers, people who enjoy any conversation with strangers, or the very serious and concentrated train conductor, a happily hugging couple, and folks waiting for the departure. Train life can be dramatic, it is a place to receive a great stimulus.

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