It’s always about the story.

As an actor, I come from storytelling.

Consequently, my approach to photography is the same.

I’m more interested in freezing the story I see in that brief moment than designing the perfect picture.
I understand lighting, but never set it, there is no PhotoShop, I never use a studio.

Sometimes the story I’m trying to freeze changes afterwards, because I missed the moment, but then a different one unfolds.

The picture works, or not – never justify.

About two years ago, I was invited by Rolling Stone Magazine Germany to “invade” their last page of every month’s issue with a photograph plus a little story to go with.

I had a problem of commenting my photos, they should not need an explanation.

Since Rolling Stone is about music, we decided that I’ll choose lyrics of songs I like or find fitting, to complete the photo, or turn the story of the picture into a different one.

I need to point out that this would not have happened without my collaborator, the R.S. art director Walter Schoenauer, all of this was his idea.

The Rolling Stone’s Files… so far.

My handicrafts of choice: Leica SL2, Leica Q2 & Leica M10