Stuff magazine editor, Will Findlater, is spotted holding the Leica X1 at the Cool List party in London.

Stuff magazine, which covers gadgets, gear and technology, recently released their Cool List for 2010 featuring the Leica X1 not only on the cover, but also at number eight on the list. Here’s what Stuff had to say about the camera:

Some retro isn’t cool. Tom Selleck moustaches will make you look like a Hollywood rent-a-villain, space hoppers should be left to the really drunken end of a party, and don’t get us started on Pringle jumpers. Thankfully, Leica gets it so right, with a design inspired by its 35mm cameras from the golden age of photography, where all you needed was a camera, a Gitanes casually dangling from your mouth and a keen eye for the right moment. A fixed but fast 24mm f2.8 lens will make the most of every one of those modern 12.2 megapixels on the SLR-size sensor. But it’s really about the photojournalistic spirit, twiddly knobs and ultra-stylish pop-up flash.