Leica Camera fans are passionate. Not only are they passionate about their cameras, they are also passionate about helping the world they capture in their photographs.

Members of the International Leica User Forum came together to create the Leica User Forum Charity Book 2010 to benefit the Association for International Cancer Research (AICR). When Bill Palmer approached Leica Camera AG about the book in June of this year they had already raised €9,000 from the creation and initial sales of the book. The forum members leading the project needed help publicising the book and so began the ‘Leica for AICR’ campaign. As the Leica for AICR initiative comes to a close, Leica Camera would like to thank you for helping raise awareness and funds during July for AICR and the Leica User Forum Book!

Over the course of the ‘Leica for AICR’ initiative…

  • We successfully reached our goal of 10,000 Twitter followers by the deadline, July 9, raising a total of 3000 for AICR. Thank you to everyone who helped us reach this goal by following @leica_camera on Twitter and spreading the word about the campaign.
  • Leica enthusiasts on the Leica Camera Page on Facebook have shared an overwhelming number of photographs with us each week throughout July. The Leica Internet team has had the privilege of sorting through these photo submissions and the daunting task of selecting just one photo each week to feature in the profile picture. Congratulations to Mugur Vărzariu, Pomwan Oleange, Laurent Hunziker, Arianti Darmawan and Atipong Padanupong who have respectively been featured each week for their people, nature and wildlife, landscape, architecture, and sport and leisure submissions.
  • Every weekday from July 19 through July 30 @leica_camera on Twitter has given away one Leica User Forum Book. All proceeds from the books purchased for that giveaway benefit AICR directly.
  • Exclusive interviews and blog posts related to the Leica for AICR initiative are featured on this blog. For the archive, please click here.

If you would like to contribute to AICR and support the Leica User Forum Book, the Leica User Forum Book is still available for purchase and sales benefit the AICR.

Again, thank you to everyone who has taken part in the Leica for AICR campaign and shown your support for this worthy cause.