A Yellowstone National Park guide who leads photo workshops shares his striking images taken with the X1

I think of photography as the capture of light joined with a moment in time to realize what you “see” with the “inner image” imagined in your mind.

Conducting Photo Safaris and guiding Photo Workshops in Yellowstone I have witnessed many individuals struggle with today’s overly featured cameras.  The use of a Leica camera as an instructional tool allows me to distill the moment of framing and image capture to its simplest form.  I enjoy working with our visitors to help them capture memorable photos of a lifetime.  Together, we identify what it is that they would like to portray in the photo then enable them to capture the image the way they envisioned.

A camera is a light box to protect the recording media from light.  The amount of time the light enters the box, combined with the size of entry hole, defines the captured image.  The image is rendered as determined by the characteristics of the lens.  These elements hold true whether the recording media is film or digital.  Together, these simple elements allow us to portray the world as it unfolds before our eyes.

The Leica X1 is a compact solution with uncompromising image quality.  The 35mm focal length combined with a “most intuitive” user interface allows direct access to move from seeing the image to capturing the moment in time.  Will shooting a Leica make you a better photographer?  Maybe.  Will shooting a Leica inspire you?  Definitely.

-Wim Kolk

To get in contact with Mr. Kolk, please email wimkolk@gmail.com. To see full captions for the images, click here.