QUESTION 1: It might not be to your taste, but it’s won a number of awards. Where can you find this “ugly underwear” in Berlin?

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7 Days, 7 Places, 7 Questions

We’ve been leaving teasers leading up to today…a Twitter background here, a Vimeo video there…and at last #berlinspiration is officially here! Check back in on our different sites across the social web as we may leave other clues and tips about the contest around…

Yes – Berlinspiration is indeed a contest and will put your wits to the test. This is how it works: As of today, we’ll be asking you a new question every day for a week on our Berlinspiration tab on Facebook. After you engage with the application, you’ll be notified as soon as we’ve posted the next Berlinspiration question. If you need an excuse to join Facebook, here it is: you a Facebook account to participate. You’ve got nothing to lose, only the chance of winning a unique prize!

With Berlinspiration and Leica you’ll discover Berlin’s inspirational side. 7 right answers and bit of luck could mean winning one of our extraordinary prizes. In addition to receiving one of the 10 exclusive, brand-new Leica cameras, which will premiere at the Photokina, you’ll have a one-time chance of inspiring Berlin with some of your own insights. Leica will display the winner’s photograph in the centre of the capital.

Best of luck!

-Leica Internet Team