Leica enthusiasts will find an extra treat at the expansive loft space located at 18 Wooster Street in Manhattan’s SoHo District at the home of the Levi’s Photo Workshop until December 18, 2010. Leica Camera has partnered with the Levi’s Photo Workshop to allow both pros and amateurs the opportunity to try out Leica cameras. The space houses a fully-functional photography studio where professional photographers can simply sign up for a time slot andt test out the new Leica S2. There are workstations equipped with editing software and printers available. Additionally, the Leica C-Lux 20, V-Lux 2 and D-Lux 5 are available to both pros and amateurs for complimentary 24-hour rental for out-of-studio use. If that’s not enough, Leica enthusiasts will also enjoy the antique, hand-crafted Leica Camera models dating back to the early 1920s that are on display. One of the first Leicas and the limited-edition Gold Leica M4-2 are featured too!

While this sounds like photography heaven, the space also serves as a tribute to photography in New York City. The community-based venue blends the diverse tastes of the Downtown scene with photography focus of the workshop. In addition to the various educational workshops scheduled, the space has a rotating series of exhibitions, movie screenings and live music performances. There’s also a retail store where all the proceeds are donated to non-profit organizations in NYC.

The Levi’s Photo Workshop is closed for a special announcement by Levi’s, but mark your calendars for next Tuesday, November 9th when the workshop is back in full swing.

If you’d like sign up for time in the studio, rent a Leica camera or just want to read more about the project, you can find more information on the Levi’s Photo Workshop website http://workshops.levi.com/.

Take advantage of this great opportunity to test out Leica cameras and get more acquainted with our history. Stop by the Workshop if you find yourself in NYC before December 18th! Tune in to Leica’s page on Facebook and Twitter account for more information about the workshop too!

-Leica Internet Team