As someone who started out in the movie business doing location scouting for films, it’s particularly interesting that Thomas Schweigert has become a portrait photographer who, as he said, doesn´t  need crazy props or crazy locations to make a personal portrait. Having been born and raised in Germany, he went to study at the Fotografie am Schiffbauer Damm, but dropped out half a year before graduating feeling as though he had learned all he needed to know to find himself in photography. Indeed he has studied with famous photographers, worked under several international photographers and has now become an award-winning photographer in his own right.

His current work with Favorite Picture, a Berlin based image licensing agency, allows him the freedom to do his own projects and edit the images himself, then offer them to the press. He can provide quality portraits of the actors, while controlling their distribution. The photos featured above were taken during the week that Thomas booked at the Favourite Picture studio with the goal of photographing sustainable Portraits. His portrait subjects also include musicians, politicians, athletes and, of course, photographers.

You can find more of Mr. Schweigert’s portraits on his website:

-Leica Internet Team