We have outfitted William Yan, a New York based street photography and blogger, with a Leica X1 to cover the comings and goings surrounding New York Fashion Week. His snapshots prove that there’s just as much style on the streets of New York City as on the runways.

“Take a hike!” was what I heard as I finished getting my shot of a magazine editor outside Lincoln Center as she was standing there on her BlackBerry waiting for a cab. It didn’t come from her, she knew what I was doing as a street-style photographer, but the oblivious officer that shouted that out thought I was a creep. I was laughing, but not out loud. She cleared it up for the officer who had no idea what was going on as she pointed my way, I snapped a photo of the two for good times sakes and kept it moving. It never happened again that day or for the rest of the week as I snapped away inside and outside the shows. Thanks Amy for clearing up the situation and for letting me take your photo.

-William Yan

You can keep up with William on his blog, http://williamyan.com, and on Twitter @williamyan.