It was a dream I’d had for years: to travel across the United States stopping at bourbon distilleries and BBQ joints and watching minor league baseball. Although I’ve lived all over the world from Jakarta to Berlin, I had seen relatively little of my own country. And growing up in New York City I’d never owned a car much less gone on that most quintessential of American journeys the summer road trip. When I mentioned this long held passion to my girlfriend Diane she said, “Let’s go!” So we went …

Through twenty two states as it turned out, but we spent most of our time traveling through the American South visiting distilleries and eating BBQ at places off the side of the road. As great as the drinking and eating was (and don’t forget the baseball!) this trip was really about the sights we saw and the people we encountered. The great thing about trips like this one, where you have an idea but no fixed plan, are the chance encounters. Some people may call it flyover country, but we found nothing but warm and generous people all along our route.

-Damaso Reyes

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