Kai Wiesinger, a German actor, inherited his love of photography from his father who worked as a reporter. During the filming of his latest movie “Wunderkinder”, which premiered on October 6th of this year, Kai worked on both sides of the camera, acting in the film and documenting the production from behind the lens of his Leica M8.

In this video, Kai shares the story and photos from the making of “Wunderkinder”. You can find more of Kai’s work in a special edition of LFI Magazine, dedicated to his “Wunderkinder” images.

-Leica Internet Team

You can find out more about Wunderkinder on the movie’s website, www.wunderkinder-derfilm.de and if you’d like to learn more about Kai Wiesinger, actor and photographer, visit his website, www.kaiwiesinger.de [both sites in German].