In the latest “Leica. My Life” series, meet Iskandar Abdulkarim. By day a development engineer at Leica Camera AG, Iskander enjoys driving his Audi TTS Coupé by the countryside on the German autobahns in his free time. In the video, Iskander explains why perfectionism is so important, not only to him and the company, but for the Leica customer as well. His fascination with technology and how things work is what drove him to the V-Lux 40 and that’s why it is his camera of choice when photographing what he loves most.

“Regardless of your position or situation in life, you try to bring out the best and make it as perfect as possible.

I’m the sort of person who always wants to know how things work and never gives up. I like to understand how
something functions before I try using it. As a development engineer at Leica, I deal with cameras every day. So
it’s natural that I’m interested in photography.

When I’m taking photographs, I don’t concentrate on one particular subject. Instead, I’m more interested in capturing the atmosphere and the feeling of that moment. And then, I can relive these moments through my photographs – that’s something that fascinates me. So when I’m choosing a camera, it’s important that it fits into the pocket of my jeans. That means I’ll always be ready for those special moments, so I can catch them and keep them forever.”

-Iskandar Abdulkarim