There’s hardly any other time of the year that has more customs and traditions than the month of December. No matter what nationality, religion or holiday you celebrate, the end of the year is about enjoying time together with the ones you love. Hence, it’s no wonder that culinary treats are a big part of the celebrating and at the top of many party agendas.

Germans, for instance, are known for our almost unreasonable passion for pastry. Since we love almost everything that comes out of an oven, we spend at least one or two Sundays during this time of the year in the kitchen making a mess with flour, eggs, tons of butter and most importantly sugar. The result is supposed to be “Plätzchen” sweet cookies in all forms, colours and shapes to sweeten up the cold season. In addition to enjoying them selfishly, homemade “Plätzchen” always make a good present for your nearest and dearest.

These cookies are also very good to show off your creativity. Some Leica marketing employees for instance produced these gorgeous examples in the course of an unofficial internal competition.

What started out as a small fun contest between co-workers will now be taken to another level. We’re turning it into a competition for all of our blog readers and online community to participate in. We want you to share your photographic sweets with us. Get in the kitchen and get creative! The three most creative treats, as voted on by our fans, will each be rewarded with the anniversary book Ninety Nine Years Leica.

The terms:

  • Your cookies, sweets (or whatever you would like to bake) have to relate in some way to Leica and photography
  • They have to be made by yourself
  • Winners will be submitted and chosen by your votes on Facebook
  • Winners will be announced January of 2013

Submissions for your photos will run from December 12, 2012 to December 31, 2012. Voting will be from January 1, 2013 to January 7, 2013.

As you can see, our conditions aren’t very strict in order to leave a lot of room to your creativity in the kitchen. We’re looking forward to your submissions and are especially excited about unusual and creative ones. Now, show us some of your holiday treats and traditions! We’re looking forward to your submissions. Enter now here: (If you’re entering on mobile, click here.)

– Leica Internet Team