We are born on Earth…
We press the shutter…
We look at the pictures…
Photo remains after we have died and
The same applies to these photos.
After the water has fallen,
After the car and man has passed,
After the icicle fell.

私は ひとり遊びが好き.
写真は 私にとっての ひとり遊び.
前 瞬間 後…
それらは私に 無限の想像力を与えてくれる。
そして 私の喜びは あなたと共有する事で頂点に達する.
I like to play lonely games,
Taking photographs is one of these games.
Before, after and in the moment…
They are my visions of infinity.
It is my joy to share these with you.
– Yayoi
All images were taken with the Leica D-Lux 6. See more of Yayoi’s images on Flickr.