I live in my pictures and my pictures live in me. It’s my life. I would describe my photography as real images that never lie. As I travel through the streets of Budapest, I don’t hope to find anything specific. I go with the flow. There’s no reaction or interpretations I hope that others find. It’s all about feelings for me. It doesn’t matter whether it’s positive or negative, just feel it.

In part one of Life with my D-Lux 5, I focused on my black-and-white work. Some pictures really need to be in B&W and are stronger that way. Overall, I am more into colors and feel that these pictures really pop. Here is my life shown in color through the lens of my D-Lux 5.

– Barnie
Barnie is a Hungarian photographer who uses direct and harsh lighting, abstract, sometimes surreal sets, contrasts and exaggerations in his photography to make his themes more and more intense. This may lead to the question, “Is it commercial, fashion or art?” To see more of Barnie’s work, check out his website and Facebook. Also check out his Tumblr.