This series examines the photographers who exhibited at the Leica Galerie at photokina 2014. The focus of this year’s exhibition concept was on impressive photography from the world of music. It embraces all facets of music photography, and today we’re featuring musician Bryan Adams. Although Bryan is known foremost as a singer and songwriter, he is also a photographer. Here is more information on his recent project “Wounded – The Legacy of War.”
Bryan Adams was born in Canada in 1959. He has photographed for magazines such as Interview, i-D, and Harper’s Bazaar, as well as British and German Vogue. In 2003 he co-founded the art/photography magazine Zoo Magazine. Adams has won the German Lead Award twice for his photography.

During photokina 2014, Bryan’s “The Wounded. The Legacy of War” was exhibited at the Leica Galerie. It is a series of impressive portraits of young British soldiers who returned from Iraq or Afghanistan either disabled or injured in action. There is a unique, individual story behind each one of the portraits. He points out that “we always hear about the atrocities of war, but we hardly ever see the soldier’s physical damage. I think it’s important to consider this side too.”

Bryan Adams points his lens at the scars, the injuries, and the mutilations. Because of their oppressive immediacy, the pictures are a challenge for the viewer, while also revealing the strength of character, courage and dignity with which the victims continue to live every day, despite their impairments. The first contact with these veterans arose through Caroline Froggatt, a journalist working for ITN News Channel in Surrey, southern England. Headley Court, a rehabilitation center for military personnel, is located in the area. “No one felt like they had been defeated,” Adams says, talking about his conversations with those returning from war. “They don’t allow their disabilities to get in the way of their lives.”
– Leica Internet Team
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Learn more about Bryan Adams’ work on his website, Twitter and Facebook.