This series examines the photographers who exhibited at the Leica Galerie at photokina 2014. The focus of this year’s exhibition concept was on impressive photography from the world of music. It embraces all facets of music photography, and today we’re featuring musician Andy Summers who has previously appeared on the Leica Camera Blog.

Andy Summers was born in Blackpool, England. He grew up in Bournemouth and by the time he was sixteen was already part of the town’s jazz scene. After a career as a studio and guest musician, he became part of The Police in 1977. In addition, he has produced over 20 solo albums and works as a film musician and guest guitarist.

For Andy Summers music and photography are like kindred spirits. He has been taking pictures since 1979; always in black and white. He says, “you discover another world through the camera viewfinder, you see things in a new light, new perspectives.” In his first photo book, “I’ll Be Watching You: Inside The Police 1980-83,” he allowed the viewer to take part in the life of the band. In addition to the stage shows, rehearsals and parties, the fans and concert locations were often the focus of his Leica. Personal notes from his diary complemented the book by this photographer musician, who considers Henri Cartier-Bresson and Robert Frank among his most important idols.

His more recent, third book is significantly quieter. The photos included in “Desirer Walks The Streets” were taken between 1983 and 2008; they underline a preference, as in his music, for melancholic notes. Frequently taken at night, the images reveal the photographer’s curiosity for strange places. Many convey a feeling of intimacy and mysterious encounters. He describes his art as “tearing pages from a book and then reshuffling the results into a new visual syntax.”
– Leica Internet Team
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