7 Digital Originals is a cooperation between Leica and globally selected handcraft artists who carefully transfer digital images taken with Leica T Cameras into individual analog originals. The project dissolves the boundaries between digital and analog and focuses on the value of traditional handcrafts. Every artisan will host an event where they will present their pieces. The artists and cities are as follows: Jennifer Trausch, New York City; Mark Arnon Rosen and Wendy Marvel, Los Angeles; Alfons Alt, Marseille; Martin Novak, Vienna; Miun, Singapore; Stickyline, Hong Kong; Unused, Tokyo.
Furthermore, a Special Edition Leica T Camera System can purchased online. With this purchase, you receive a Handcraft Voucher of the artisan of your choice. This voucher enables you to upload your favorite moment and transform it into your one of a kind Digital Original.
Previously we wrote about Jennifer Trausch and Mark Arnon Rosen and Wendy Marvel’s projects. Below is a look at the artists celebrated with events in Marseille, France and Vienna, Austria. Read below to learn more about Alfons Alt’s Altotypes and Martin Novak’s Handdruck.

Alfons Alt’s Altotypes
Alfons most current work focuses on the relationship between photography and painting by applying pigments.
Q: Which part of the production process do you like best and why?
A: I like the moment of pigmenting. Why? Because all previous decisions turn into reality at this moment. It is a true barometer of the soul and of circumstance.

Q: Which part of the production process is the trickiest?
A: The trickiest moment of my job is when I prepare the chromium salts. The density of this substance is completely dependent on the hygro-atmospheric conditions, the means that can be observed, how the chemistry works and reacts immediately when the viscosity changes.
Q: Do you control or change your handcraft or does your handcraft control or change you?
A: My trade is the backbone of my art. She is my daily discipline. I can not control everything, due to the hygro-atmospheric variables, but come through with amazing results.
Read the rest of his interview here.

Martin Novak’s Handdruck
First introduced to Europe back in the 18th century, screen printing is a craft which even today still requires agile hands as well as brains.
Q: How do people react to your handcrafted products?
A: They want to touch it, some smell them. All all react a bit surprised what you can make using this technique.

Q: How will your craft and you evolve together in the future?
A: There are always new tasks, materials and colors used. Something new comes with each order. My development and the way I practice the craft will go on forever.
Q: Do you control or change your handcraft or does your handcraft control or change you?
A: There is an interplay. Sometimes, my craft shows me borders and sometimes I can break them.
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– Leica Internet Team
Learn more about the events in Marseille and Vienna. Get more details on the entire 7 Digital Originals project. The official hashtag for the collaboration is #7originals where you can follow along the celebration of handcraft art. Check out Alfons’ website and Martin’s website.