Claire Yaffa took her first photograph 48 years ago when her son was 18 months old and it was the beginning of her journey, first as a mother, then as a photographer. She has worked extensively for The New York Times and Associated Press. Her photographs have appeared in countless influential publications and have been exhibited at major venues in the US and around the world.
The Story of a Leaf
When the snow creates a blanket, encompassing you while you are inside, warm, comfortable, watching the snow falling, a beautiful panoramic of whiteness is created. You wonder how to capture the beauty of nature – its coldness, the whiteness of the covered grass. While looking out at the snow, a leaf falls from a plant. You are now drawn to the beauty of a leaf. The whiteness outside is still there, but as you pick up this leaf that has just separated from its plant, you discover another gift of life and nature. Having just fallen, the leaf still maintains the life it shared, and the beauty remains. Many shapes and colors transform the leaf from what it was to what it has become. Even as it dies, it is part of the beauty it shared when it was there.

– Claire Yaffa
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