One Shot is a new feature where Alex Coghe interviews photographers on one image to gain their insights on it and their photography. Today Angelo Cirrincione shares an image he took with the Leica Monochrom near his home in a seaside town in Sicily.

Q: Why did you choose this picture to be presented to the readers of the Leica Camera Blog?
A: I chose this one because the elements in the photo are strangely and perfectly aligned and balanced. This came out after the shoot and I immediately loved it.
Q: What camera did you use to make this picture?
A: I used a Leica Monochrom.
Q: Could you tell us a little bit of the story behind this photo? Where were you?
A: I live in a seaside town in Sicily and every day in summer I take some snapshots of the sea life. In a small harbor where the fishing boats are moored, there is a plunge contest between the local boys and children. They see who can make the more decomposed plunge, the most beautiful plunge,  the best plunge in the torque, the riskiest plunge, and so on. My Monochrom helped me be discreet, so I could take pictures without disturbing them. It gives a sense of the photographer that is there for fun and to give the observer then the sense of a snapshot with an incredible levity. I admit laughing with them has been a blast from the past, and the desire to jump into the sea was even bigger.
Q: What inspires your photography?
A: This is an important question and the answer is in the heart of every photographer. Often what inspires a photographer is purely instinctive, other times it is caused by icons such as the great masters that everyone studied, other times it is a mixture of all this.
Be at the mercy of all that is gorgeous. I realized that photography is also a great form of maturation. I feel life and I try to summarize it in that rectangle according to the rules of photography and sometimes by ignoring them because I could lose the essence of that fraction of that second. Even more amazing is when elements in the shot are in an extraordinary and impossible balance that eliminates the vision of the rectangle itself by erasing geometric boundaries and making you an actor of that history.
I love the ironic side of life and I try to find this in my photography – oddities, curiosities, changes, we are this. With photography, we have in our hands the tool to denounce but also to rediscover what we’re losing and what we have lost.
Q: Why Leica?
A: Why not Leica? I chose this camera because sometimes it pushes me on a reflective path.
Thank you for your time, Angelo!
– Leica Internet Team
Connect with Angelo on his website.
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