Claire Yaffa took her first photograph 49 years ago when her son was 18 months old and it was the beginning of her journey, first as a mother, then as a photographer. She has worked extensively for The New York Times and Associated Press. Her photographs have appeared in countless influential publications and have been exhibited at major venues in the US and around the world.
The Mystery of Light and Shadow
I did not know “photography” was from a Greek word, meaning “writing with light.” As a young photographer, I searched for the light that would help me find what I wanted to photograph. I discovered light and darkness. Darkness intercepted the light I was seeking. Shadows, which the light had illuminated, were there for me. The original image was displaced. Suddenly, I was photographing a different subject. It had been transformed. Light had blended with shadows defining the image. Light directed me to see a different  photograph. Looking for light, the mystery of light and shadow has continued to follow me.

– Claire Yaffa
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