Winter Magic is the Blue Mountain’s highest profile and most anticipated annual event. The Blue Mountains is New South Wales’ inaugural City of the Arts, and Katoomba is the heart of that city. It is the weekend when artists, musicians, dancers, drummers, choirs, stalls, and community take over one of Australia’s most famous towns.
During the event, the main street of Katoomba is closed to motor traffic and open to pedestrian traffic. This allows the whole town to become a performance space. The streets are lined with market stalls and everybody who attends is encouraged to dress in costume.

Unlike many festivals run by Chambers of Commerce and Councils, this event is run by community volunteers. It has a strong local focus and very wide general appeal. The setting is a town sitting on a narrow ridge and bound north and south by a World Heritage listed national park.
– Haoming Wang
Born in Wuxi, China in 1985, Haoming Wang moved with his family to Singapore where he lived for five years before emigrating to his present home in Sydney, Australia. He has been photographing since 2007.
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