In the northern parts of Norway at latitude 70° 39′ 42″ N you find Hammerfest, a town with 10,000 inhabitants. What do people from more than 60 countries do in a town like Hammerfest? The project 60 Faces presents one person from each nationality – to show you the diversity. A selection of the subjects are featured here.

Jemina Cox, Australia. Audio engineer.

Farid Aggoun, Algeria. Preschool assistant.

Merima Tullek, Bosnia-Herzegovina. Working for Kuben.

Zebensui Lorenzo Santana, Spain. Waiter at Rica hotel.

Wendy Hansen, Philippines. Child care and youth work.

Mats Albinsson, Sweden. Docker.

Nina Hansen, Finland. Assistant at a housing shelter.

Vasile Baghiuc, Romania. Music teacher.

Faina Rogocheva, Moldova. Rypefjord housing collective.

Nishan Ali Naz, Pakistan. Safety engineer, Aibel.

Daniela Kötter, Germany. Museum conservator, Gjenreisningsmuseet.

Nazmi Ramadani, Kosovo. Cleaner, Hammerfest hospital.

Najma Sharif, Somalia. Apprentice at Pensjonærhjemmet.

Germain Schmid, France. Managing director, Frivilligsentralen.

Eva Jeneiová, Slovakia. Cleaner, Rentprivat.

Jøgvan Nielsen, Faroe Islands. Retired fisherman.

Svetlana Izmailova, Russia. Managing director, Lekeland.

Adriaan Smis, Belgium. Farmer and islander, Sørøya.

Galina Smirnova, Uzbekistan. Care assistant.

Ayenew D. Haile, Ethiopia. Preschool assistant.
All images are photographed with a Leica M9, 50 mm and 35 mm lenses.
–  Jan Harald Tomassen
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