The Luxury Collection Hotels & Resorts in partnership with Leica Camera present a new series of “Destination Stories”: Exceptional images which capture the unique treasures and hidden gems of a destination. Through the images of one of Leica‘s carefully selected local photographers, guests of The Luxury Collection in the United Arab Emirates are invited to uncover the region through the Leica lens and discover how The Luxury Collection Hotels & Resorts in the UAE are more than just hotels, but intrinsic parts of the destination. Enjoy the perspectives of Rashed Al Mansoori, a dedicated Leica photographer. His images of the new “Destination Story“ are shown at an exhibition at Grosvenor House, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Dubai from December 8 for the first time.
Rashed Al Mansoori, was born and raised in the western region of Abu Dhabi, where his passion for photography came hand in hand with his passion of the desert and the unique environment of the United Arab Emirates.
Rashed Al Mansoori fell in love with Leica the first time he used it, and got – as he says – addicted to the rangefinder system. “I was amazed how discrete the Leica M camera is, how it could go unnoticed when you shoot with it”, says Mr. Al Mansoori. “It is just like magic, you get what you want, without any compromise. And the best part is, once noticed, it really gives a big impact.” His hard work and dedication as a professional photographer allowed him to become the offical photographer of the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi.


As a professional photographer you are using Leica cameras for many years. What is your favorite Leica camera and why?
My favorite camera is the Leica Monochrom. This unique camera opens up an entirely different dimension of expression in photography with an amazing edge for creativity . The incredible amount of details in the shadows , allows me to explore unique effects with light and contrast. I have to focus on the subject to bring life & feelings to the photograph. Capturing  a moment with Leica Monochrom is truly exceptional ! I call it “ the art of the imagination , an expression of an endless passion … “

Your are documenting the daily business and life of the crown prince of Abu Dhabi. How did you get involved in this interesting environment?
I’ve been extremely fortunate to be recognized for my hard work and dedication to photography. Thankfully, I am very proud to have this amazing Job today!


You are traveling a lot. What equipment do you prefer for traveling?
Most of the time, I travel with the Leica Monochrom using the Leica 35mm f1.4 and 90mm f2.5, but some time I take my Leica S.


For the project , Destination Story“ from Leica and Starwood The Luxury Collection you captured the environment on the United Arab Emirates. What do you like about the nature and cities in UAE?
The UAE has a fantastic mix of sceneries between the sea and the desert, as well as the old town contrasted with the modern towers and innovative infrastructure. A beautiful source of inspiration to any photographer.
Your images of the deserts in UAE are taken with the Leica Monochrom. Why did you choose this camera for your artistic work on the project?
I chose this camera for the project because the photographs reinterpret Dubai’s culture, history and authenticity yet showcasing UAE’s modernity and innovation at the same time! This can be expressed beautifully with the Leica MM creating the most creative shots highlighting past and present.
Do you have already further photographic projects in planning?
Yes, My next project is about Camel Farms around the UAE deserts.
What is the essential equipment for visitors of the UAE?
The equipment I recommend for each visitor coming to the UAE is first a Leica binocular to enjoy watching the animals in the desert as well as beautiful sceneries around the country. A Leica camera with a wide range of lenses is a must to document beautiful and amazing monuments through out the different cities of the different emirates.

What motivates you to continue investing in Leica cameras and what would you advise people who are passionate about photography to do?
I can’t stop acquiring Leica products because they create the best quality of cameras and lenses in the world. You get addicted to Leica’s high quality and once you are there… you can’t go back . I recommend all photography lovers to visit the Leica showroom in Dubai to experience the world of Leica with their exceptional service and advice, they always supported me a lot with my equipment and different projects.
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