Quality. Durability. Endurance. Performance. Ruggedness. Boldness. If all these words could sum up into a single noun, it would result in the Leica SL. These synonyms all resemble the extreme versatility this camera offers and through the hands and eyes of world renowned Robin Sinha, we take a closer look at how this camera has made a dent in the industry, allowing photographers to unleash their creativity.

The EyeRes viewfinder

Starting off with the fact that the Leica SL is conceived to be the first profesional camera with an electronic viewfinder. With an astounding 4.4 million pixel resolution, the viewfinder is activated as soon as you see through it. Very much as if you were entering the unique SL world, where creativity unfolds as you begin seeing your subjects. Imagining those moments where you are on your knees trying to get that perfect shot of a skateboarder’s jump trick, where a grid for perfect balancing and axis levelling. Additionally, the option of previewing what your final image output will be while changing settings is arguably one of the best aspects, even before pressing the shutter.

Leica SL creativity


Professional photographers usually have several lenses in their packs. Having the opportunity to change prime lenses, telephoto lenses, macro, and many others allow creative minds to indulge in the sea of options. The Leica SL allows compatibility with over 145 lenses and the right adapter, or as Robin Sinha puts it, “some of the finest optics ever produced.”

Leica SL Compatibility Creativity

24 MP CMOS Sensor

When taking pictures with the Leica SL, you can expect astounding image quality, thanks to the full frame 24 mega-pixel CMOS Sensor. For instance, at low-lit venues such as concert halls or night events, videographers and film makers may struggle trying to find adequate conditions. The combination of the CMOS Sensor along with the full range of SL-compatible lenses allow to shoot up to ISO values of up to 50000, achieving top-notch quality even at poor lighting circumstances.

Handling and Design

Leica has been commonly known for its exquisite design across its products. Staying true to its heritage, the Leica SL provides just that. A sturdy and rugged feel when holding it, while minimizing space and hand grip due to the mirrorless system the Leica SL offers. As opposed to several DSLR’s, the minimalistic back view of the SL’s body provides clear direction for the photographer when looking for a specific menu, setting, or feature.

Leica SL Handling

Clear Layout and Logical Handling

Richard Bram, a Leica photographer who works taking pictures of different chamber musicians and orchestras, appreciates the silent shutter that Leica cameras offer. As Sinha shows in his video, you can barely identify the sound the shutter makes. The SL can shoot images at a very fast rate while remaining very silent and discreet. With a thumb-accessible joystick, user experience can be handled with literally the push of a finger, accessing the user’s favorite settings. It becomes truly easy to fully rely on this camera for any artistic endeavour, encouraging to focus solely on the art and result.


Fast. Very fast. The Leica SL offers the fastest autofocus in the market. With several autofocus options, you can select any focus point by using either the joystick or the back touchscreen. For example, action sports photographers will definitely take advantage of the tracking system the Leica SL offers when in autofocus mode, since you can select a specific area or item and the camera does the work for you while you handle other creative elements in the shot.

Leica SL Video


Touching on the fast processor the camera has, the Maestro II Processor is capable of handling absolutely every setting you require to achieve the perfect set of shots and images. Being able to record up to 11 frames per second, the camera provides a 2GB buffer memory saving images both in JPEG and DNG full frame image formats, making it one of the highest performing cameras in its category, not to mention the reliable 4K video-recording capability at 30 frames per second.

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