In the fast-paced world we live in, sometimes you just have to make a pause, look back and reminisce of what has passed, what has been accomplished and what is coming in the near future. For German photographer Hannes Becker, his sole purpose of taking pictures of the amazing outdoors is to document beautiful moments and save those memories. Amassing over half a million followers on Instagram, Becker’s pictures speak about the beauty in nature that our world offers. As he well describes it, nature’s beauty inspires him constantly, and he is constantly looking for the perfect occasion to document these moments.

Hannes shares with us some of his Australian moments shot with the handy Leica Q. He became interested in Leica back in 2014, when he went to Leica Headquarters in Leitz Park and was simply amazed by its architecture. For his recent Australia trip, he was able to grab a Leica Q; he says “Such a great little but powerful camera. It was such a joy shooting with it and editing the raw files.”

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Even though he is used to shooting with a full frame DSLR, he praises the performance of the Leica Q under multiple circumstances, whether its low lighting conditions, always prioritizing composition, light and mood in the image. “I try not to simply document my excursions in nature but try to incorporate into the photography my personal interpretation of what I have experienced. In order to inspire the viewer and convey what has happened in a realistic a manner as possible,” Becker explains.

Currently working for several tourism boards and traveling around the world photographing multiple spots for global brands and progressive companies, Becker shares the personal benefit when using this type of camera. “At first I loved shooting with a fixed prime lens. I just prefer the creative boost of primes actually. And then the first time I saw the Q I couldn’t believe it’s a full frame camera. The body is so small and light and in my opinion it’s the perfect travel camera. During hikes I always had the Q with me and the heavy DSLR in my backpack. And that’s what makes the major difference.”

Becker continues, “During our road trip I tried to find high points to have views over the area. I love putting people in the rule of thirds. Somehow it looks more random and appealing to the eyes of the viewer.” Without the need of investing too much time in post production, Becker processes his pictures in Lightroom, trying to “keep it natural and clean and sometimes I try to emulate old photography film.”
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