It’s common saying that Paris wouldn’t be Paris without the Eiffel tower. 320 meters of human genius… It’s beautiful, standing proud, you can’t miss it. Some would say it’s just a famous touristic place like many others around the world, well maybe… But trust me, Parisians have a special link to the Iron Lady (except possibly Maupassant who found it really not attractive).

It can be seen from many part of the city, sometimes just the top, sometimes only a reflection… But it’s there: the soul and symbol of Paris. The idea of the presented set is exactly that: a tender wink at the iconic giant iron structure. I mean it’s been photographed so many times…

I slowly built over the past two years a set of photographs that would enhance my affection to the Old Lady, in my everyday life. It’s a personal work on photographing the Tower I pass almost everyday one way or another, without actually showing it fully. I can’t help looking at it with some kind of fascination. All the photographs were taken, not too seriously, with the smile you have, recognizing an old friend…Different occasions, different moods. The choice of black & white was because I think it translates better my focus and attraction to it.

I used an M9, with its 50/f2.0 lens. I have a crush on that lens, Summicron one… All you read about the “Leica soft look” is in that one. The camera was a gift, THE gift. It completely changed my way of thinking photography and shooting after years using autofocus and zooms. I find it a bit heavy, but like its small size, it’s so not intrusive and silent… with me all the time, in my bag. I have a very special link to it, and as silly as it sounds, it has a name: Ludwig.

About Florence:

I’m French and currently living in Paris. I studied Literature, Art History and Public Relations. About photography, I would say it’s my therapy, my way of speaking… I didn’t get any formal training, I listen and experiment advices given, learn and research online, study the classic masters. I’m very fond of Saul Leiter and Elliott Erwitt work. I also follow some photographers on Instagram, for the very modern and arty way of showing the world (special mention to David Sark). 

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