Creativity is something artists don’t take lightly. It’s the constant variable in the mountainous road an artist undertakes when producing a piece of art. It has to be nurtured and encouraged; it has to be versatile. Often times, when creativity strikes, one must be prepared to act fast on ideas, sketch out drawings or concepts, iterate and share them with the world. It’s a tool like the Leica TL that helps creative minds to portray ideas. Ximon Lee shares his creative approach to his designs, documenting every step of the way with a camera that not only complements his work, but its design, features and capabilities invite him to go beyond and push his own creative boundaries.

Elaborating on the minimalistic style that this camera represents, Ximon shares his views and perception on color. “White is my favorite color”, he says. “Because you can always add something on it and something can always disappear in white.”

Lee’s creative process begins with using the senses and being aware of the environment surrounding the individual. Sounds, people and textures are elements that add up to the inspiration used to create. The enigmatic spirit of Ximon comes forward when speaking about his garment designs, showing the sketches which serve a double purpose: meditation. Indeed, the color that sets the accent for this collections is white, embellished with an oversized format of all pieces.

l1000405_preHis work relies heavily on photography. It not only documents the creative and design process, but given the nature of his styles and storytelling aspect, photography works as a retroactive instrument, where images subtly suggest the photographer elements for inspiration or solutions to design problems. The Leica TL offers a range of additional and improved user-friendly features based on its predecessor, the Leica T. For the urban dweller, the authentic musician, or the fashion designer, the TL’s encourages its owner to take images freely, now with 32GB of internal memory space, as well as improved playback options on mobile devices.

Ximon continues: “I think in the 21st century there’s no lines between products and art anymore. You can carry a beautifully finished garment as art piece. It moves around with you.” Bold, minimalistic, and lifestyle-driven design choices have led Ximon Lee’s garments to become an example for the next generation of fashion.

Undoubtedly, the ability to move from city to city, like Berlin, falls in line with the free-spirited manner of living life to the fullest, searching for new ways of exploring and adventuring, using art as a means for a purpose. As he well describes it, “I think art is very broad and a designer is too limited to problem solving. I am more of a storyteller and a narrator, I would say”; and the Leica TL is just the adequate tool to do just that: tell creative stories.


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