Robin Sinha is a freelance photographer based in East London. After completing a photography degree at the London College of Communication, Robin assisted various photographers at home and abroad. While doing so, he also worked as a studio assistant at London’s Big Sky, a premier photographic studio. Apart from his own freelance work, Robin tutors at the Leica Akademie Mayfair, with classes including one focused on street photography. For this blog post, Robin explores the U.S. West Coast, in the California coast line, its lifestyle and landscapes.

I had read somewhere that Los Angeles is so diverse it’s not diverse. With one sign pointing to Chinatown and another to El Pueblo, I was beginning to understand this statement. Yes of course I knew LA’s population of Hispanics and Latinos was high, however I hadn’t realised to what extent.

I was on a 19-day road trip beginning in San Francisco and ending in Los Angeles. Travelling without any specific photographic purpose, in fact on honeymoon, I had however challenged myself to bring back a representation of The Golden State.

Being accustomed to photographic trips where I walk the streets for hours on end, often in a relatively small radius, I was quickly adjusting to the pace a road trip sets and its limited time for deeper exploration.

It occurred to me that a grouped layout could tell the story of contrasting landscapes tied together by its golden light. The images I present here are taken in the streets of LA and San Francisco, Yosemite, and LA’s Santa Monica. They represent three of the dominant environments I encountered in California; the cultural diversity and hustle and bustle of the street, the serene beauty of its breathtaking national parks, and its legendary surf culture on the beach.

Thank you Robin!

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