As 2017 begins, the United States chose a president that to some might be controversial, and to others, the answer for improvement. Regardless what the future may hold, the voters had the most important role in the elections from last November. Armed with a Leica M6, a 50mm Summicron, 28mm Elmarit, Deardorff 4×5, Kodak and Fuji film, New York City-based photographer Vic Sorvino documented the people who participated in the polls, as well as those who elected the 45th president of the United States.

I shot this series over the last year or so at political rallies on the east coast and in the mid west. It came about after being bombarded non stop with headlines about the election on my computer and phone, and wanting to know if everything I was reading about was really true. I would steal my girlfriends car, load it with my cameras and take off for whatever place the candidates were descending on. Janesville, WI, Harrisburg, PA, Cleveland, OH, Hempstead, NY to name a few.

Like a lot of people this election I couldn’t look away from it no matter how much I wanted it to go away. The things I saw and the people I met were constantly surprising. To put it mildly, it was one hell of a year.

About Vic:

My name is Vic Sorvino. I live in New York city but I am originally from western Massachusetts. I studied cinematography at the School of Visual Arts and currently work at Vice Media.

Thank you Vic!

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