‘Inspiration Sehen’ is a philosophy, a matter of attitude and a call to see the bigger picture, to look twice, tenaciously question superficiality and recognise the unusual aspects of everyday objects and situations, to think outside the box, look beyond the commonplace and expand existing horizons. ‘Inspiration Sehen’ is much more than a slogan, a campaign or a story we tell. The universe of ingenious results have often originated from simple yet ambitious ideas; photographic ideas that we have begun to cluster in specific categories.

Often in photography there are moments where artists find a frame in frame, and our surroundings, subjects and environment become the ‘viewfinder’, allowing us to visualize imagery in a whole new way.

See the whole picture: images that speak for themselves, yet leave short, unanswered questions. There’s always a decision behind taking that final picture, and an enticing story as well.

A common denominator rises when photographers speak of their Leica M cameras. Their M’s become like an extension of themselves, a visual companion, allowing them to create and express photography in a liberating way.

Design is definitely an underlying factor in the authenticity of the Leica M. The Leica M and its lenses, made in Germany, represent value and endurance; generations of photographers and their families know this value all too well.

Photographers are keen to share the stories behind their equipment, how they use different lenses or features to achieve their creative goals. We show the sustainability of the Leica M, exemplified by the persistence and relevance of the M-series.

Some of the most iconic images of our time were created with the M-system. Thanks to the Leica M, photographers have been able to take advantage of their discreet and small size of the M to document memorable moments in street photography and history.

The Leica M is an extraordinary camera. And it is most often found in the hands of extraordinary people.

As the Leica community grows, we invite photographers to share their “Inspiration Sehen” stories. Those stories should fall into one or more of the categories above and be created with the Leica M-System. Submit your ideas via this link.