After I heard that it is “one of the most crowded places in the world”, I decided to visit the beach in Qingdao, China. But Qingdao in May 2016 was chilly and foggy — it was still off-season.

I could sense that this place had at one point been full of exuberant people, and in the subsequent emptiness, I felt a sense of loss. Although many many many people will come back again, these sentimental sceneries seen just only at this season and climate have a dreamy comfort, which gently wrap every occurrence. I felt that I had to record them as another side face of Chinese coastal development area which is often criticized.

Walking people, a man shouting to the sea, a jogger, a couple taking wedding photos, dead flowers and even a sleeping dog… all things I met in the fog were very precious for me. Maybe the places which have the power to attract many people, can always have huge tolerance. Even as a foreigner I was able to hear the small voice of “welcome”.

I usually shoot the photos on the street in Japan and in any other countries with strong willing to frame the scenes as my own. But the journey in Qingdao was not so. Like a silent television show, various actors (for me) appeared very natural. I was very entertained…

All images here are taken with the Leica M (Typ 240) with Summicron 35mm ASPH. In photography, I give weight to my feelings more than the accuracy of the event. Therefore, a rangefinder camera style is the best for me. The Leica lens I’m using now shows me the image without any distortions. The 35mm lens can draw the world as it is.

About Mankichi Shinshi:

Mankichi Shinshi is a street / documentary photographer based in Japan. At various public places mainly in Asia, he is recording the appearance of people, things and spaces as they are. However, it’s not the purpose to reveal some objective facts or truth. It is a consideration of the way of confronting the scenes where anyone can see (= general society), from his individual eyes. And he think that the collected scenes are also a part of his life. By thinking twice about them, he would like to compile the contact point between society and his life to be lovable. He is also an award winning photographer (especially in the field of street photography).

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