Fabian Unternaehrer was born in Basel in 1981 and currently lives in Bern, Switzerland. He grew up bilingual speaking german and french.
After school he spent several semesters at university. Realizing that psychology was not what he wanted to study he went travelling and engaged in different dayjobs.

Back in Switzerland he attended an Arts Study Preparation Course followed by two years of study at The CEPV School of Photo in Vevey graduating with honors.

Meanwhile he graduated from ZHDK with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2012. Since 2015 he is doing a Master in Art Education at the HKB in Bern
(see an example of his Workshop here) and he started to produce videography while still working as a photographer.

« What you wanted from salt was salt. What you wanted from each of the bones of my hand was touch like a river, smoke.

What you wanted from smoke was the holy body ghostly to the mind. What you wanted from the body was a body that would not die.

What you wanted from fire was heat and light, but also char, the flare of sparks.

What you wanted I had to give but to make it small enough to crush.

What you wanted to crush was the quick hand, river, birds, the field in flames.

And then what you wanted was salt, a woman weeping at your back, but you could not turn to look.

Cecilia Woloch, Salt »

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