Gabriel Micalizzi was the Master of Photography 2016 winner. After 8 full episodes of aesthetic and creative challenges, of using elite quality equipment, and sharing the world of images with some of the world’s best photographers and competitors, the reality TV challenge Master of Photography came to an end but now is ready for its second season. This experience is brought to life by the Sky Arts Production Hub for Sky Arts, Sky Arte HD and Sky Arts HD, and with Leica Camera as the exclusive technical provider. Gabriele shares some the experience he had while in the show and the things he looks forward to seeing.

​It’s almost going to be a year since you participated at Master of Photography, what’s the one thing you miss the most of that experience?

Certainly, I miss some of the guys I shared with this experience and with which I’m still in contact. I have to admit that I miss the competition too, because it can be a strong motivator, and I miss also a life made of rules and made of regular working timetable.

Surely, you grabbed media attention and work opportunities after Master of Photography. Can you share with us what projects have you worked on since MOP?

After the Master of Photography experience there was a lot of attention and understanding on my work, and this allowed me to enter some markets that I didn’t consider before. I’m taking a fashion campaign right now, and I worked for some international televisions. With Leica, I have organized a personal exhibition called “Dogma” inside of the Milano Leica Gallery in Duomo, and that was extremely successful and it had great response. I have received two very important awards and this surely gave me the opportunity to invest a lot in my personal works and interests. I also made a documentary for a big company.

You were particularly keen to use the Leica Q and the SL, acknowledging their respective capabilities – do you still use them for your projects?

After the talent show and after using the Leica cameras, I really couldn’t help it and then I bought them. From I use these cameras, I have the chance to take 40% of the photos more than I could have done, both for speed and quality (even in low light situations). Anyway, I have also tested them from the point of view of the resistance in the various areas of conflict in which I work, and I must say that I am very pleased.

In recent months, Leica has announced new products, what has kept you working with Leica? Have you experimented new Leica equipment?

It’s been a year since I became Leica’s testimonial and we work together on various projects right now. I’m very excited to use the Leica Sofort for both professional and funny time too. What always convinces me more of the Leica camera is its reliability and longevity.

There’s a new season of Master of Photography coming up, will you be following the show and its participants? What are you looking forward to see in the show?

I cannot wait to be on the other side this time, for this new Master of Photography edition, and I’m very glad to live it as a viewer and look to find out what new and incredible challenges the authors have thought. Among my curiosities is seeing how they will face the final and whats devils have invented the producers this time.

Presumably, there will be even more applicants to Master of Photography this year, which 3 tips would you give to up-and-coming photographers?

Well, to the new competitors and to the up-and-coming photographers, I definitely advice to be flexible, determined, and certainly to not get angry for critical or rather, to use them as a strong point to grow up from one task to another.

What about the other contestants you met while at Master of Photography? Have you worked with them or have you kept in touch with them?

Yes, I’m still in contact with some of the other competitors, but I find difficult to met them because this year was very busy for my work. I hope that during the next months I’ll have more time to organize a big meeting all together.

What would you say is your most valuable learning from your participation at Master of Photography?

The most important thing I learned, but that I already knew, is to be humble and be open to listening to those who criticize or evaluate your work. Of course, the best thing is to have the clear ideas and getting involved is the lymph of a creative look.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers? Also, other projects you might be working on?

At this moment, I have so many projects, from video to photography, to a web series and it’s very difficult for me to tell you all about. In March I spent about 40 days in Mosul, where I shot a documentary with the participation of a great journalist. it’s still a top secret project, but you’ll see it coming out soon. We were in a lot of trouble, and during some moments we thought that we didn’t come back home, but once we came back we realized the amazing stuff we done. I learned that Master of Photography was also broadcast in South America and Australia, I would like to know what they think and what effect it has on that kind of audience.

Thank you Gabriele!

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