Leica & Magnum: Constantine Manos – Personal Documentary

Constantine Manos was born in 1934 in South Carolina to Greek immigrant parents. He went on to attend the University of South Carolina, from which he graduated in 1955. Joining Magnum Photos in 1963, he then became a full Member in 1965. This video, produced in partnership with Magnum, is a personal documentary of Manos’ wide-ranging subjects — from desegregation in the American South to life in Greece and his later work throughout America which he shot in color. One thing has remained constant throughout his career, it’s been Costa and his Leica rangefinder.


LET US ROAM: Ray Barbee

Here is the first film from the LET US ROAM series featuring Ray Barbee, a legendary professional skateboarder from San Jose, CA. Barbee’s film explores his passion for music and photography, which were made accessible through skateboarding. This short film illustrates his passion for creativity.


Celebration of Photography 2017: Photographers Talk with Matt Stuart and Joel Meyerowitz

Matt Stuart in conversation with Joel Meyerowitz at celebration of photography: Enjoy the passionate story about Joel’s way from a painter to a photographer.



In this videos of our “Arrivals and Departures” series with Magnum Photographer Jacob Aue Sobol, we take a look at his images shot in Moscow with the new Leica M Monochrom and his impressions of the city. His journey also included stops in Ulaanbaatar and Beijing.


Leica & Magnum: Awakening by Dominic Nahr

In our latest photo essay created in partnership with Magnum Photos, we follow Dominic Nahr into the 20km zone surrounding the nuclear power plant at Fukushima, Japan. Nahr documents the damage that resulted from the plant’s breakdown.

We first came across the work of Dominic Nahr when he won the Leica Oskar Barnack Newcomer Award in 2009 (bit.ly/​OBNA09). It came as no surprise that he joined Magnum Photos as a nominee in July 2010. Nahr also spoke at our recent event in Paris with Magnum Photos to discuss “Crises and catastrophes in pictures. What justifiable role can photojournalism play in an age of camera phones, Twitter and Facebook?”


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