Photo books are more important today than ever. From the often overwhelming amount of new publications the LFI editorial staff regularly presents their recommendations. Renowned photographers or Leica classics can be found as well as young newcomers or new discoveries. We not only look at the photographs, but also at unusual book designs, exciting background stories or special new editions.

Wombat Nr. 33 – William Klein

The Wombat box is the first Photography and Art box available by subscription. Every two months, Laurent Sancier and his team in Paris create a new box in a limited edition that they send to art lovers worldwide. We talked to Laurent Sancier about his concept and box No. 33, which is dedicated entirely to William Klein.


A portfolio with 10 pictures, 2 prints (18 x 24cm), English/French, Wombat Atelier, Paris 2018
© William Klein


Claudine Doury – Amour

The Amur River is known by many names in both Russian and Chinese. In the French photographer’s native tongue, the stream is called something even more evocative: Amour. And indeed, Doury has developed a deep love for the river and everything it represents.



104 pages, 70 colour and b/w illustrations, 19 x 25 cm, French/English, Chose Commune
© Cloudine Doury


Masahisa Fukase: Family

One of the rarest and, at the same time, most important books by the legendary Japanese photographer, is now once again available in a new edition.



96 pages, 34 black and white pictures, 31 x 23 cm, Japanese/English, Mack Books
© Masahisa Fukase



Dr. Paul Wolff and Alfred Tritschler: Light and Shadow

Even if they ran one of the most modern and successful photography enterprises at the time, it is only now that the work of Dr. Paul Wolff and Alfred Tritschler is being rediscovered. A current, heavy-weight photo book is an invitation to do just that.

Photographs from 1920 to 1950, Hans-Michael Koetzle (ed.); with texts by Sabine Hock, Randy Kaufman, Hans-Michael Koetzle, Kristina Lemke, Günter Osterloh, Tobias Picard, Gerald Piffl, Shun Uchibayashi, Thomas Wiegand; 464 pages, ca. 1,000 colour and duplex images, 24 x 29 cm, German and English version, Kehrer
© Paul Wolff



Clémentine Schneidermann – I Called Her Lisa-Marie

The first book by French photographer, Clémentine Schneidermann, who won the 2016 Leica Oskar Barnack Newcomer Award, documents the cult of Elvis in Wales, her adopted country. I Called Her Lisa-Marie brings together touching portraits, mixed with images of interiors and landscapes.


80 pages, 40 colour photographs and a sixteen-page booklet, 25 x 25 cm. English/French, Chose Commune
© Clementine Schneidermann