Go behind-the-scene with comedian and photographer, Jeff Garlin to discover his visual language and how his extensive career has impacted his creative eye.

As an actor, filmmaker, and comedian, I often find myself interacting with people in truly unique ways. The very nature of my job means I am able to see people how no one else sees them whether it be my co-stars or downtime on set, show hosts while I sit in their interview chairs, and who I gig with.

At some point, I started trying to capture this unique perspective with my camera. Now, the only thing that I do seriously besides comedy is take pictures. I hope you dig.” – Jeff Garlin

1. What is the story behind “A Big Bowl of Wonderful”?
I decided on the title because someone told me I had to have a title, and it’s the first thing that popped in my head.

2. What inspired you to pursue this series in the first place?
I never intended to be a known photographer. It was always about the joy of taking pictures of people whom I love. It was only upon reflection that I thought these might be interesting. I waited 10 years after starting photography to even let anyone see any of my photographs.

3. As an actor, filmmaker, and comedian, how has your extensive career impacted your visual storytelling?
In only one way has it impacted my photography and that’s with great opportunity. I have access to people and moments that most others don’t. Only did I later learn that I actually have an eye for photography.

4. What do you look for when you’re photographing your subjects?
It could be an impulse, a light, a funny moment. I don’t look for anything, but I’m aware when the moment hits. Only upon a good amount of time do I become aware of whether or not it’s a good picture. I have to separate the moment that I take the picture and what I’m feeling and whether it’s actually a great picture. The only way to do that is to give it time.

5. Out of all the images from your series, which image speaks to you the most? For your response here, please send me the image you’re referencing.
There are two pictures that speak to me. One is of Larry David and his stand-in. The other is of the crew on “The Goldbergs”.

What camera equipment did you use?
I primarily use an M10 Monochrom and a 35 Summilux. I also use a Leica MP film camera. Recently, I got the Q2 Monochrom which excites me.

What photographers inspire your creative vision?
Mary Ellen Mark, Elliott Erwitt, Jim Marshall… frankly I could go on and on.

Jeff Garlin’s prints are available for purchase.
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