Quyen Mike (aka Mr Levitation) is a London based photographer, whose work boasts creativity through reinventing the way images are perceived. Here, he combined his two talents; reinterpreting fashion photography and creating dream-like scenes. We caught up with Quyen to learn how he brings his creative visions to life.

How did you find it working with the Q2?

Quyen Mike: The Q2 is an amazing compact full-frame camera. The large sensor and the fast Summilux lens mean that I can be sure to get astounding results with every shot, even when the weather is grey, as it often is in London. Added to that, the body is weatherproof, meaning I don’t have to worry about getting caught out in the rain. I also loved that I can set up several different custom profiles – one for every occasion. I always look for different types of photography concepts, so having several settings that allow me to do that is a big convenience!

What does photography mean to you?

Quyen Mike: I have always been passionate about photography and always liked the idea of using my creativity and capturing a moment in time. For me, photography is unpredictable, which is what makes it so interesting. It is not just about having a single source of inspiration, it is using your mind, letting yourself flow with your imagination and putting it all together into something beautiful.

How do you best bring your creative visions to life?

Quyen Mike: My visual style is dream-like to surreal, from stillness to defying gravity. Conceptual thoughts tangled with the surroundings often fuel my creative universe every time I get to experience a new place or a new event. I let myself get inspired even by the littlest things and, as a visual person, I like to decompose elements and pick apart what I like and what I don’t like and create something new, in my own unique way.

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